Create your own fight choreography - Immortal Dragon

Create your own fight choreography - Immortal Dragon

Acting Kung Fu

Acting Kung Fu is focused on staging kung fu choreography live and for camera. It´s for beginners and advanced in martial arts and/or acting and includes theory and practice. The class consist of work-out, stretching, some Iron Palm (strengthen of skin and muscles), basic kicks and punches, forms, basic falls and more.

In the theoretical section, you will get into the basic ideas of Non-Verbal Dialogue and the creation of fight choreography. We will look at how the narrative of a fight works, and how to create intriguing choreography. There will be much more and it will be a lot of fun!

- Basic kicks and punches
- Non-Verbal Dialogue
- Fight Choreography
- Create a Fight and its Characters
- Develop a choreography class after class
- Final Choreography will be filmed

At Moberly Arts & Culture Centre, Sundays: 5:00 to 7:30 pm ($140).

To register follow this link: Moberly