Shaolin Kung Fu

Join the Kung Fu Family! The Shaolin Kung Fu classes wake the warrior in you. They are a great combination of a high intensive workout with traditional exercises. Our classes always begin with a strong warm-up, stance training and power stretching. Building up on this students improve their health and body with every class. After the first part, we go into working on basics, improving punches, kicks and blocks, practice empty handed and weapon forms, work on form application and conditioning. All our classes are suitable for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced. Since our style is unique, traditionally you start at no belt level. Even though, having experience in other martial arts is an advantage.

We provide Kung Fu classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All with different focus, so please read the description or just ask us to see what fits you best! We are here to serve you with great martial arts classes.

Shaolin Kung Fu in Vancouver

Shaolin Kung Fu in Vancouver

East Vancouver

At our East Vancouver location, at the What Lab (1814 Pandora Street), we offer two classes weekly:

Wednesday 6 to 7 PM
Friday 7 to 9 PM

These classes are the original Kung Fu classes Immortal Dragon provides. During them, we also cover basic gymnastics and essential combat training. Friday is sparring day.

The Immortal Dragon membership is $80 per month. Try out a week for free!

Shaolin Kung Fu at Moberly

Shaolin Kung Fu at Moberly

Meet-up class in South Vancouver

Welcome to our meet up class. It is complimentary and Sifu Matthias provides it as a service for the community. Please just show up and enjoy the class which has the basic structure and low intense exercises. No worries, you will sweat the weekend out here. Please help the Centre and register online for it.

Classes are every Monday 6:00 to 7:15 PM at Moberly Arts & Culture Centre.

Practice Kung Fu in group.

Practice Kung Fu in group.

Sunset Community Centre

Our Class at Sunset is a low level entry class where you learn the basics and forms. This class is great for beginners and for everyone who wants more focus on basic movements and the Shaolin forms.

Classes are every Thursday 4:45 to 5:45 PM at Sunset Community Centre.